ICF Singapore Chapter ExCo 2019


President Suman Balani
President Elect Lin Tan
Immediate Past President Lai Han Sam
Vice President Devendra Bisaria
Honorary Secretary Ramesh Shahdadpuri
Asst. Honorary Secretary  
Honorary Treasurer Tan Lee Thong
Asst. Honorary Treasurer Kate Kudryavtceva
Council Members Avni Martin
Adrian Lim
Hermann Ditzig
Lyn Wong
Jada Seet
Hsiao Wei Wong
Honorary Auditors Sam Chia
Dylan Liau
Team Coach Nicola Shearer

Executive Committee 2016-2017

Dear Friends,

On On 30 March 2017, the ICF Singapore Chapter conducted our AGM and I am delighted to announce the Executive Committee for the year ahead.

President Jasveer Malaney, PCC
President Elect Lai Han Sam, ACC
Immediate Past President Hermann Ditzig, ACC
Vice President Don Huse, ACC
Honorary Secretary Eya Sicat
Asst. Secretary Linda Eunson
Honorary Treasurer Suman Balani, ACC
Asst. Treasurer Devendra Bisaria
Council Members
Honorary Auditors
TEAM Coaches


We are also proud to announce that the Singapore Chapter was recognized for our contributions with two Awards for 2016. We were awarded for our initiative for member engagement through the 2016 breakfast/lunch meetings and for creating a coaching culture with our community projects. Congratulations to the Executive Committee 2016-2017 for their hard work and passion and especially acknowledge Suman Balani, Joerg Kuehn, and Mica for taking the lead for the C4C initiatives.

A heartfelt thank you to the outgoing Executive Committee and Past Presidents who made meaningful impact and supported the growth of the Singapore chapter; we are now at 478 members. The new committee members are an energetic, passionate and enthusiastic team and here to continue that legacy. We are proud to have Susie Sadler (Past President 2011-2012) join us once again, and together look forward to serving the ICF Singapore Chapter.

We look forward to your participation in the programs we are lining up for the year ahead. Please feel free to contact and connect with any of us, bring us your ideas, requests and we invite your feedback so we can continue to grow and represent your best interests.

Serving you with passion,


Jasveer Malaney, PCC
President, ICF Singapore Chapter, 2017 to 2018



Dear Coaching Colleague,

On Monday night, March 14th, we held our AGM and announced the new Executive Committee.

Seven committee members returned for another year and five are new members.

This is the result of last year’s constitutional change that made serving on the committee a two year commitment with half of the positions coming up for election each year.

The intention is to maintain stability while actively bringing in some new thinking each year. Congratulations to my fellow Executive Committee members.

For the highlights of the past year and ExCo, see President Anisha's 2015-2016 Chapter Activity report!

The ICF Executive Committee for 2016-2017

We are pleased to announce that the following Members were elected to serve on the ICF ExCo for the term beginning 1 April 2015:

Biographical information on each of these ExCo members can be viewed by clicking each name.

President Hermann Ditzig
President Elect Jasveer Malaney
Vice President Saba Hasanie
Honorary Secretary Lai Han Sam
Treasurer Donald Huse
Asst. Treasurer Suman Balani
Past President

Anisha Kaul

Council Members Michael Bertrand
Joerg Kuehn
Tan Hun Boon
Avni Martin
Jose Romero
Nawal Bendefa

We are also pleased to announce that Angela Ognev and Garrett Weiner have been elected to serve as Honorary Auditors for the 2014-25 term.

Finally, we are delighted that Anisha Kaul will be continuing to serve on our ExCo as Immediate Past President.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those who served on the 2015-2016 ExCo and are now stepping down: Theresa Ong, Angela Ognev, Garrett Weiner, Lyn Karnsedt. We honor the contributions that each has made.

Yours truly,
Hermann Ditzig
President, ICF Singapore