Health and Wellness Community of Practice

Health & Wellness is not just about the absence of a disease or illness. It is about the mind, the body, as well as the emotional state. When faced with life adversities, many people find their health and wellness thrown out of balance. The fluctuating mood swings, energy levels and uncertainties affect their relations with self, others, and how they perform at work. The uncontrolled stress, life imbalance, low energy, low fitness, inadequate levels of positive emotions, a serious medical condition, or simply feeling not good about oneself makes it difficult for one to engage in their daily duties.

How do we then recognize the imbalance and lead to discoveries within to uplift vitality and energy? 

Focus of Health & Wellbeing CP is to provide space for coaches to learn, share, reflect, and deepen their understanding and skills, for identifying the intertwining and interdependencies of these states - mental, physical, and emotional - within us as well as our client’s.

    The H&W CP for 2022 will bring to you through its sessions - 

    • Coaching Skills, Methodologies, and Concepts for Health & Wellness
    • The Three Intertwined States: Mental, Physical, Emotional
    • Advancing Health Inclusion through DEI Initiatives at Workplaces
    • Business of H&W Coaching
    • Library for H&W Coaching - Resources, Training, Certifications etc.
    • Peer Coaching Practice on Health & Wellbeing

    The Health and Wellness Coaching Community of Practice (CP) is hosted by Preeti Kurani and Tricia Pang


    Preeti is an ICF Accredited and Certified Leadership, Team & Emotional Resilience Coach, passionate about improving outcomes and results for her clients through process of self-discovery, transformation of perspectives and behaviors, and contextualization of thinking and actions. Her intuition, creativity, and open communication combined with her pragmatic guidance and customized approach to development helps her clients move forward and stay on top of their goals while staying true to who they are. Preeti is equally passionate about one’s wellbeing and believes that being emotionally resilient, mentally and physically fit, and feeling confidently good about self is key to owning one’s space and doing well across all areas of work and life. 

    Preeti comes from a thriving global business and people leadership experience of 21+ years within the luxury industry. She has led to success multimillion global sales operations and business verticals, and multicultural teams. Her drive of (always) developing people and thriving, led her to expand my repertoire to include professional coaching in 2019. She has trained with the top coaching organizations - Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), Marshall Goldsmith (MGSCC), Global Coach Group (GCG), and Positive Intelligence (PQ) and is an ICF Accredited Coach (ACC). Preeti aside her professional commitments, volunteers her time and skills to MS Care (support group for MS Warriors), and Halogen Foundation (Youth Business Coaching).



    Tricia is an ICF Certified Professional Transformation Coach, with a niche in supporting women with Cancer. Her keen listening skills & non-judgmental approach provides a safe space for her clients to explore their fullest potential. Tricia guides clients through a journey of self-discovery; fresh perspectives; renew optimism; and to build on each individual’s innate wisdom, in spite of their health and emotional challenges. Tricia believes that reassessment & personal growth should be lifelong. She has been featured by Straits Times, radio station, magazines and invited to speak at health awareness events for her work in the cancer community. 

    Combined with her professional credentials & passion to serve,  Tricia continues to contribute her time, effort, skills and compassion with volunteer organizations such as Breast Cancer Foundation, SPARKS ( ADHD support group), Growthbeans (Youth Coaching), A New Vision ( Funding Cataract surgeries),to create a positive community impact.

    Look out for upcoming sessions HERE.