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We are so excited to announce the launch of the inaugural ICF Singapore Business Forum! The purpose is to bring coaches in the Asia Pacific region to connect, learn and grow together as a tribe.The theme of the ICF Singapore Business Forum is “Build | Grow | Thrive”. The focus of this year’s theme is to help coaches build thriving coaching practices. This 1-day forum will bring thought leaders, business experts and supporting services to the coaching community.

Special Feature : Personal Branding Master Class
by William Arruda!

Named "The Personal Branding Guru" by Entreprenuer Magazine, William will be here in Singapore delivering a high-energy and actionable Master Class focusing Personal Branding. The Master Class is designed to help professionals build their confidence, increase self-awareness and enhance their visibility, presence and leadership skills.

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Event Date Friday, 02 November 2018
Event End Date Friday, 02 November 2018
Individual Price 350.00

COP Mastery in Coaching

"Building Your Coaching Presence by Navigating Emotions"
In Conversation and Movement with Sari Marsden, PCC.

"For many people, especially in the corporate world, moods and emotions, like the body, are simply dismissed as irrelevant and inconvenient. They cannot be commanded and controlled and, as such, they are often seen as "dangerous" or "messy". But moods and emotions are critical because they set the frame for what we see as possible in a situation. If you are full of resignation or resentment, then you will see far fewer possibilities than if you are feeling peaceful or enthusiastic." (FIT TO LEAD - Transforming Your Leadership With the Five Pillars of Performance, by Marcus & Sari Marsden)

Coaching presence requires coaches to be fully conscious and creating spontaneous relationships with clients, employing a style that is open, flexible and confident. 

There are many ways to build your coaching presence; one of those is by learning about emotions.

By learning to experience emotions as they are, free from judgement, it can help your clients to create clarity in their decision-making process.

Join Sari Marsden in this 90-minute learning event, with the following objectives:

  • Develop emotional mastery through the practice of “Emotion Naming.”
  • Discover how to navigate emotions with breathing and body movement that is applicable for you and your client. 

Wear a comfortable outfit and be ready to move your body purposefully in this session. 

At the end of the session, you will identify the physical states and practices that can best support you in your own wellness as a coach.

This talk is based on the Fit to Lead book.

“A leadership book that offers a dynamic new vision of leadership development that places the role of your physical body firmly alongside that of your thoughts and emotions. Written by husband-and-wife team, Marcus and Sari Marsden, the book combines the principles of executive coaching, movement, nutrition and fitness training to provide you with a holistic system for transforming your leadership and producing breakthrough results for yourself and the people you lead.”

Speaker's Bio:

Sari Marsden, PCC.
TRE™ Certified Facilitator. 
Nike Training Club Trainer.
Co-Author of Fit to Lead.

Sari is an executive coach, co-author of Fit to Lead and co-founder of Sarius Performance International, a performance consultancy that combines the worlds of personal development and executive coaching with the worlds of physical movement, fitness and nutrition. She specialises in working through the medium of the body to facilitate personal growth and development. Her passion for fitness has led her to become an elite trainer for Nike Training Club in South East Asia. Sari has won Gold Medals for Team Singapore in Southeast Asian fitness physique competitions. She uses a wide range of training techniques that combine the person’s physical, mental and emotional states. Her particular passion lies in working with women such that they embrace their strength and beauty to produce powerful and sustainable results in their lives.


Jasveer Malaney, PCC, is an internationally experienced Executive Leadership Coach, facilitator and trainer, she inspires senior leaders to elevate their strengths to develop strategies, discover solutions to challenges and realize their personal and organizational goals.

She currently serves on the ICF Singapore Chapter Executive Committee as the Immediate Past President and has been actively involved with building the Coaching Community in Asia. She has served as the Chapter President (2017-2018) President Elect, (2016-2017), Vice President (2012-2013), PR Chair (2011 -201 2). She played key organizing roles in the Asia Pacific Coaching Conference in 2010 and 2012. She organised the Symposium on “Coaching for Future” during the Coaching Week 2015. She has edited and published the Coaching Journal "Coaching Resource Guide".

This is a In-Person Session at the following location

Venue: 20 Collyer Quay, #23-01 Raffles Place, Singapore 049319
The nearest train station is Raffles Place.
Fees: S$10.00 
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Event Date Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Event End Date Wednesday, 17 October 2018
Individual Price 10.00

8:00 pm to 9:00 pm
ICF Singapore Members: Free (Please log in to register for the webinar)
CCEUs: 1.5 (Core Competencies 1, Resource Development 0.5)

If every leader had an Evolutionary Coach, if every leader was an Evolutionary Coach, everyworkplace would be the best possible place to work.

Evolutionary coaching is different from other coaching because of the values-based approach within a new psychological framework. We grow in stages of psychological development, we operate at levels of consciousness and we live inside cultural world views. Primary motivations tell you what stage of psychological development you have reached. Secondary motivations tell you what is blocking you, what conscious and subconscious unmet needs you have and how they hold you back from finding your purpose and living your potential.Evolutionary Coaching is about human emergence, about the impact of basic/growth needs dynamics on personal growth and mastering your life.

Learning Outcome: 

  1. What prevents people from growing and evolving.
  2. How people can transform their limiting beliefs that are holding them back.
  3. How people can fluorish and realise their potential.
  4. Where are you in your personal transformation journey.

About the speaker:

Patrik_SomersPatrik Somers Stephenson,
Executive Coach, Education and Training Consultant and Facilitator of Personal Transformation.

He is creator and facilitator of the Barrett Values Centre accredited personal mastery class, Evolutionary Coaching. As a highly experienced coach, facilitator & values consultant, he brings his depth of experience in the eld of education to his work as a CTT Practitioner Consultant, CTT Foundation & Practitioner Trainer, Evolutionary Coaching Facilitator, Neurocognitivism Coach, Lego Serious Play Facilitator and Non-Violent Communication Counsellor.

Patrik was a teacher, head of pastoral care and advisor of values-based education in schools, educational bodies and non-profit organizations for 30+ years in Belgium, taking occasional secondments to work with values in the wider community, including the National Values Assessment for Belgium in 2009-10. During his teaching years, he was the bereavement and crisis management advisor to schools in Flanders. He also has decades worth of experience with constellation work (Hellinger), family contextual therapy (Nagy) and bereavement counselling.

His publications include:

A World Book of Values (2014, also in Dutch as Het boek der waarden).
Translator of ‘Evolutionary Coaching’ into Dutch: ‘Evolutionair coachen’ (2017).
Author of several books on loss, grief and bereavement (mainly in Dutch, including Woorden van Troost, Rouw-dagboek, Sterrenkind, Gebroken Wit).

Event Date Wednesday, 03 October 2018
Event End Date Wednesday, 03 October 2018
Individual Price 10.00

ICF Singapore Members: Free (Please log in to register for the webinar)
CCEUs: 1.5 (Core Competencies - 0.75, Resource Development - 0.75

Our fast and furious VUCA world invalidated leadership as we knew it in the past decades. To gain further competitiveness and agility, organizations now crucially need to embed in their leaders the beliefs and behaviours that will change the game in their business and enhance engagement, creativity, accountability and collaboration among all stakeholders. Along his thought-provoking and experiential session, Jean-Francois Cousin will draw from his experience as a global coach and former executive as well as from recent corporate surveys and ICF latest research, to demonstrate why and how coaching sustains the success of the world's most admired companies, and how coaches can up their game to serve at their best. He will

  • illustrate which kind leadership organizations need to thrive in a VUCA world
  • how masterful coaching enables it
  • what the game-changing ripple-effects of coaching in organizations are
  • which results companies who truly embedded a coaching culture are getting
  • how we need to ‘be’ as coaches and leaders to enhance engagement, creativity, accountability, agility and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Learning Outcome: 

  1. How masterful coaching enables the kind leadership organizations need to thrive in a VUCA world
  2. how masterful coaching enables it
  3. The game-changing ripple-effects of coaching in organizations
  4. Which results companies who truly embedded a coaching culture are getting
  5. How we need to ‘be’ as coaches and leaders to enhance engagement, creativity, accountability, agility and collaboration with all stakeholders

About the speaker:

Patrick WilliamsJean-François Cousin, MCC

He is a global executive coach and speaker since 2006 and previously served in senior leadership positions in Europe and Asia for a multinational company ( ).

He has coached over 800 executives and works with many of the world's most admired global companies. Jean-François is passionate about how leaders and companies can evolve their game to succeed in a business environment marked by increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. He co-authored two books and wrote ‘Game Changers at the Circus’ about unleashing greatness in organizations in a VUCA world.

Jean-François is serving as Treasurer and Secretary of the ICF Global Board of Directors in 2018.

Event Date Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Event End Date Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Cut off date Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Individual Price 10.00

730pm to 8pm: Networking
8pm to 930pm: Program
CCEUs: 1.5 (Resource Development 1.5)

As a professional coach , you can invoke a positive audience perception of your expertise , skills and capabilities by capitalising on your behaviour , your manner of speech and even your appearance .

By learning and mastering certain special visual techniques and effective speech strategies , you can then better connect with the people you meet everyday , motivate them and even persuade them to buy your ideas as their own ;

Come and Learn :
1. What it takes to be uniquely you and market your appearance with ease ;
2. Must avoid the mistakes most speakers commit in public ;
3. Plus the key actions you can take right away to create the maximum impact as a professional coach


Jill Lowe

Assessor for Masters in Image Consulting and International Director for Federation of Image Professional International, UK London. In 1984, Jill commenced her enterprising career.

An American Platinum Award winner for outstanding work in US and a highly sought-after trainer and speaker for major universities in Singapore and across Asia, she is also familiar to government link companies and major MNCs as a guest speaker. Training and coaching diverse groups in diverse roles from directors, senior managers and executives. She was the first Asian pioneer who developed syllabus in professional image training for corporations and educational institutions to improve the human capital perspective in managing corporate brand image.

In the media, she has been featured and broadcasted on Channel News Asia, CNBC, Asian Wall Street Journal, Straits Times and many more, for all her successful accomplishments across her three-decade long international career. Her image training and fashion experience led to the publishing of French fashion magazine L’Officiel as well as first ever children book on Dressing Smart for Boys and Girls that was eventually brought back by popular demand.

Jill Lowe founded Jill Lowe Group which comprised of manufacturing laboratory that produces beauty and wellness products and providing workforce training to serve beginning to end-user customers in the market. Today, she is here to serve you!

Event Date Monday, 24 September 2018
Event End Date Monday, 24 September 2018
Individual Price 35.00

COP: Parent Coaching-Finding our unique Parenting Solutions

Coaching for Parenting is a Community of Practice support group designed for coaches seeking to bring coach-like approach into their relationship with children and themselves as parents.

The demands of juggling personal, professional and family obligations combined with an increase in social isolation and expectations, have led to a need for greater support for parents. Often stock answers offered by many parenting programs feel inadequate to really shift the dynamics at home.

What if there was a way to communicate to our children without the need to ‘control’? What if there was a way to inspire responsibility in children from within? What if there was a way for parents to reprogram our own minds at a deep level so that the way we think of our children and parenting shifts from within?

Coaching for Parenting aims to explore these questions with a heartfelt aim to create greater peace, freedom, and choices for families, and to truly clarify and live through shared family values and goals.

Join us to be a part of a support group where we can develop our parenting through a structured coach-like approach. This CoP is facilitated by Halbert & Avni, who will draw upon their personal experience as parents and coaches, to create a safe environment of learning and mutual support. The first session aims to share:

  • the purpose, expectations and agreements for participation
  • the approach and road-map of Coaching for Parenting CoP
  • and understand your vision of parenting and answer your questions

We look forward to meeting you to engage in a deep learning journey! 

About Facilitators

Halbert LouisHalbert Louis
B.Eng (NTU), Ms in Counselling (Monash U), Associate Certified Coach ACC, Triple P certified Parenting Practitioner, Director & Trainer of Connect Consultancy & Training.

 Halbert is the Founder & Director of his own company, Connect Consultancy & Training (CCT). As an approved service provider of parenting workshops with Singapore’s Ministry of Social & Family (MSF), CCT has conducted numerous parenting workshops in both primary and secondary schools all over Singapore in the past 5 years. CCT also conducts an evidence-based parenting program called “Positive Parenting Program” with dozens of schools in Singapore. Apart from that Halbert has also conducted corporate mental wellness programs such as Stress Management with numerous clients.

He is also a registered counsellor with SAC and provides both counselling and coaching services mainly on marriage & parenting issues. He has been married for 26 years to Ms Bong Louis and have 2 daughters, Rachel, 24 and Renee, 22.


Avni MartinAvni Martin
BSc, Professional Certified Coach PCC, Coach Trainer, Facilitator, Head of ICF Science & Research of Coaching Committee

Avni is the founder of Martin CCS, which provides coach training programs and customised workshops to empower excellence in individuals and teams. Prior to that she worked in Corporate Leadership Development, Change Management and HR Consultancy.

As the Head of Coaching Science & Research Committee and Executive Committee Member of ICF Singapore Chapter, Avni is passionate about research and leads two pioneering projects that advance the awareness, excellence and advancement of coaching in the industry and community.

Being married with 3 children, Avni strongly believes in educating and sharing coaching skills with families. Previously Avni has designed and delivered, workshops for parents and children ranging from 9-21 years old.

Event Date Thursday, 06 September 2018
Event End Date Thursday, 06 September 2018
Individual Price 10.00

7:30 pm to 9:00 pm
ICF Singapore Members: Free (Please log in to register for the webinar)
CCEUs: 1.5 (core competencies - 0.75, resource development - 0.75)

Have you ever realised that no matter how many skills and how much knowledge we acquire as coaches, unless something shifts from within, nothing really changes permanently? What exactly is it that needs to shift from within to allow us to become excellent coaches? This session creates an inner awareness of the aspects of our being, with a special focus on optimising our energy and managing our minds

During this experiential session, Atika will offer us the opportunity to understand the importance and the power of the breath in mastering our minds, and to create a strong coaching presence which is a fundamental pre-requisite for a good coaching conversation. We will also co-create ideas for impactful practices and daily rituals that can lead us forward in the journey of mastering our mind, in service of creating positive transformation for our coaching clients.

This is an inaugural session, coming from the unique lens of a non-coach practitioner, that will help us as coaches to leverage our inner resources and learn useful tips to enhance coaching outcomes.

Learning Outcome: 

  1. Learn ways to optimise our Energy
  2. Understand the importance of Breath to Master our Mind
  3. Tips for Daily Practices that can enhance our overall Presence for Coaching Excellence


About the speaker:

Atika DhandhiaAtika Dhandhia,
International Faculty, Art of Living Foundation, and Image & Wellness Consultant

Atika serves as an international faculty member and Director Training for the Art of Living Foundation, one of the biggest NGO’s focused on humanitarian work spanning more 155 countries. In her work with them, Atika has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people all over the world through mindfulness and wellness techniques. She has taught and trained in more than 50+ countries. She also works with individuals to equip them with a holistic approach to manage their overall image for both their personal and professional success. Atika is a Board Member of the Image Management Professional Association, India (IMPA) since 2012. She also serves as a Board Member of the Ministry of Ayush (Health and Wellness), Government of India, driving initiatives to promote wellness across India. Atika is based in Delhi and works across India, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Event Date Wednesday, 05 September 2018
Event End Date Wednesday, 05 September 2018
Cut off date Tuesday, 04 September 2018
Individual Price 10.00