How to work with difficult coaching situations

Date : 15 Oct 2019, Tues
Time : 10 am to 11.30 am Singapore time
Venue : Online Webinar
Time : Free for ICF Singapore members 
S$10 for non ICF Singapore Chapter members
CCEU : Core competencies: 1.5

We will explore difficult coaching scenarios and how we could work with them through using coaching supervision. 

Scenarios such as contracting, confidentiality, stuck/swirling/chaotic clients, clients not showing up or changing times, clients evoking in us feelings of uncertainty, fear, anger, judgment, not good enough, clients asking for advice, feedback, favours, etc.

Or perhaps we might have self-doubts such as:

· How do we know our blind-spots or our unconscious bias?

· When we are colluding and not challenging, or challenging when we need to be compassionate?

· What is our impact on the client and how do we find out?  

The list can be endless. Human beings are complex. When we move into a close, safe, vulnerable, caring relationship with another person, many of our patterns and our clients’ patterns get activated and sometimes, unbeknownst to us and them.  

The session will show how coaching supervision deals with these situations, the tools and techniques that are used. 

We will be engaging in experiential learning including live demo and role play, so bring your difficult situations to the session. You will realise that you are not alone and many coaches face similar situations.

Learning outcomes:

a. Learn how supervision can be a useful tool to deal with difficult situations

b. Experience and gain insights into how supervision works 

c. Learn from the shared situations and feel supported

About the speaker - Leanne Lowish

Leanne Lowish did her coach training in 2003 and was trained as a coaching supervisor with Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA) in 2006. She brought CSA to Asia Pacific in 2013. Currently, she is a High Performance Executive Coach, facilitator, coaching supervisor and culture consultant for a consultancy that works with global organizations to achieve sustainable business results through transforming their culture by creating mindset shift and effective behavioural change in their people. 

Leanne is a New Zealander who has lived and worked in the UK and Europe for 25 years. She is now based in the US and runs a business in UK, US and Asia Pacific. Her multi-cultural foundation enables her to appreciate and hold diverse perspectives simultaneously. 

Having worked extensively in various corporate functional and L&D roles, public sector posts and Non-Profit Organisation’s, she is most drawn to corporate transformation at a large scale. Yet holding the belief that all change starts within individuals, she is deeply curious about how people think, feel and navigate the complexities and ambiguities of living in an era characterized by exponential change.

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