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Download New Members Guide that is designed to answer many of the FAQ’s in relation to where to train, credentialing, membership renewal to how to make the most of your membership.


What does the ICF do?


The ICF works to support its members and represent their interests as professional coaches. It is the largest non-profit professional association worldwide for personal and business coaches. Membership currently stands at more than 9,000 from 70 countries, with over 145 chapters.The aims of the ICF are to build, support and preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe. This is achieved through:

  • Educating and promoting the coaching profession. The coach referral service and PR plan are part of this process
  • Fostering the community aspect among members through the annual conference, regular communications and local chapters
  • Being actively involved in researching and developing programs in the legal, regulatory and credentialing areas.

What does ICF Singapore Chapter do?

The ICF Singapore chapter consists of over 300 professional coaches and people interested in coaching. The vision of the ICF Singapore chapter is “Engaging Our Members For Coaching Excellence.”

Specific services of the Singapore Chapter include:

  • Monthly Chapter meetings – held on the 4th Monday of each month (7.30-9.30pm). These networking and professional exchange sessions include a monthly speaker, facilitator, panel or other knowledge sharing activity.
  • Peer Coaching – These are open to practising professional coaches. Each session involves one coach presenting a real coaching case study they are working with. The peer coaches follow a specially designed coaching process to help the case owner gain new insights into the case in question.
  • ICF Singapore Website: Our website at provides up to date information on ICF Singapore, its coaches and coaching services. It includes a ‘Find a Coach’ service, Event Listing and Resource Area. To include your free listing please visit our website for requirements and application.

Membership Benefits:

  • Increased credibility as a professional coach: you will belong to an independent association and are demonstrating your willingness to be accountable for ethical, professional behaviour
  • The ability to gain ICF credentials: you can improve your worth, credibility and profile as a coach at varying levels of professional mastery that differentiate you from other coaches
  • Access to worldwide chapters and a huge network of coaches
  • Monthly Chapter Meetings in Singapore where you can learn how to improve your coaching skills and business through continuing professional development and networking with other leading coaches
  • Access to our growing professional development library as well as a wealth of resources in the “For Our Member Coaches” area of the ICF website
  • Leadership and volunteer opportunities, which strengthen your ties to the local coaching community
  • Electronic newsletter, The Coaching World Newsletter, keeping you up to date on trends and what’s happening within the coaching industry globally as well as information on how to improve your coaching skills and business
  • Access to the Coach Referral Service
  • Access to personal bridge line rental (as a member you receive 2 free hours of an US based bridge rental per month)
  • Access to a Marketing Basics teleclass (this is also recorded so you can listen 24/7) - details can be found on the ICF website
  • Receive an ICF Membership Certificate - you can print out a great membership certificate from the website
  • Discounted member rates to annual Conferences held by the ICF worldwide
  • Quarterly Singapore Chapter newsletter
  • Member discounts to specific trainings and continuing education programs

What are the requirements to be an ICF Member?

If you have not yet completed 60 hours of coach-specific training you will be considered an ICF Provisional Member for a maximum of one year (until April 1, 2013) or until you have met ICF membership eligibility requirements (if completed before April 1, 2013). Coach-specific training hours accumulated between now and the official policy launch on April 1, 2013 will be applicable. Click here to see more information on ICF definition of 60 hours of coaching training.

How much is the annual membership fee?

The Annual membership fee is $245 USD. This equals only $20.42 per month! The ICF membership is on an annual billing schedule; all memberships expire on March 31 of the following year. Membership fees for new ICF memberships will be prorated based on the month you join the ICF. Membership fees for January, February, and March include the pro-rated amount for the current membership year plus next year's membership fee. Monthly or quarterly payments are not accepted at this time. More info

What kind of events do you offer?

Monthly meetings, Peer coaching, Speed Coaching, Conferences, Gratitude awards, Dinners and Gala events among others. Topics vary from instilling coaching culture, the art of listening, somatic experience, neurioscience and leadership, learning organisations, leader as a host, and much more. Check out our upcoming events!

How do I get news and updates about ICF Singapore?

Please sign up for our newsletter! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. As a member, you are also welcome to join the ICF Members Facebook group.

How can I contribute with my coaching work?

You are very welcome to join our Coaching for Community Programs, where you can support ICF, the coaching industry, and Singapore non-profits.

What are CCE Unit Certificates?

Continuing Coaching Education Unit Certificates are gained upon completion of an ongoing training activity. For example, attending an ICF Singapore Monthly Meeting or Peer Coaching Meeting.

To maintain ICF credentials members require submission of certificates to evidence that ongoing training is being gained. One unit is equivalent to one hour of training under one or more of the categories of: ICF Core Competencies, Personal Development of the Coach, Business Development and Marketing, Other Skills and Tools Directly Applicable to Coaching.

As a general rule, all Monthly Meetings, all Peer Coaching Meetings and all ICF Special Events allow you to gain CCE Units.

I am a trained Coach. How do I upload my Coach Profile?

Login to our website with your email address and ICF membership number as your password! If you have any trouble, please email

What others are saying about ICF:

"The Singapore Chapter has evolved within a short period to become a leader in its class... but more than that, it comprises some very significant members who will continue to positively impact society individually and as a unique community of professionals." Mark Sng "The coaching industry here in Asia is growing at a steady phase - and this is precisely why it is important that professionalism in this exciting field of specialization is upheld. The ICF - Singapore chapter provides the platform for coaches and aspiring coaches alike to share knowledge and experience as well as to network and grow in a mutually supportive environment. I join my fellow coaches in applauding you for taking the decision to join ICF - Singapore chapter. Welcome, and I wish you much success in your professional development journey."

Paul Heng, CMF, Executive Coach, NeXT Corporate Coaching Services and Founding President, Asian Association of Career Management Professionals.

"Since joining ICF Singapore as an aspiring coach and now a Results Certified Coach I must share that the talks and events organised by the Committee has been very relevant. The open sharing by more experienced coaches inspired me and has been very useful in my journey to become a better Coach. The peer coaching sessions helped me to explore and understand other coaches' challenges and wins! I would like to congratulate the Committee under the inspiring leadership of our ICF President Foo See Luan for achieving the 2005 ICF Chapter Award for Professional Development (Medium sized Chapters). It is encouraging for coaches & aspiring coaches to be in a supportive, friendly, warmth and yet professional environment, very conducive for positive learning. Thank you very much for generously investing time and effort for the Coaching community!"

Dolly Yeo, Mindset Coaching

"Joining ICF Singapore was the most fulfilling step I took in the first year of establishing my professional coaching practice. I met inspiring, helpful people who were genuinely committed to my success and to setting a high standard for coaches throughout Asia. The contacts I made continue to support me as my business grows. The lessons learned by attending the monthly meetings continue to resonate as I work with clients. I highly recommend you join the ICF Chapter in Singapore to gain industry insights, create a professional network and to improve your productivity on many levels."

Olivia Lockwood

"I would like to welcome you to join ICF Singapore Chapter. It is an excellent network for people who have an interest for coaching to meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other. I have benefitted much from this association, and am sure you will as well."

BH Tan, Coaching Associates

"Since its inception, ICF Singapore chapter has offered professionalism thanks to the dynamism and commitment of its committee members and in particular to the commendable efforts and leadership of its President, Mr. Foo See Luan. The presence of ICF is instrumental in building a strong and ethical coaching profession, not only in Singapore but all over the region."Laurence Vandenborre, Counsellor, Life Coach & Art Therapist "I have been attending Singapore Chapter ICF meetings for 3 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from virtually every one. I appreciate the variety offered –everything from practical experiential "hot seat " coaching sessions to highly detailed coverage of a particular tool / area of coaching. I have also been an Executive Committee member for close to two years. This has been a very rewarding experience. My committee role has allowed me to contribute to shaping the vision, goals, key areas of focus, core strategies and policies for our local ICF Singapore Chapter. I have learned a lot in the process. In particular, I have learnt from the collective wisdom that the various committee members bring, some of whom have sat on many other committees and hence have much highly valuable experience to share in this area. In addition, being an active local member of THE key body for coaching globally has brought some of the organizations that I have been working with a degree of added confidence".