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Rob Bier

6:30 Partners Pte Ltd


Personal Profile: Rob has coached full-time for six years. His background makes him equally comfortable working with the “soft” and the “hard” sides of business and people challenges. Prior to becoming a coach Rob served as founder and CEO of two private equity backed companies in financial services, and prior to that was a partner in Monitor Group, the strategy consulting firm, where he ran their European Financial Services practice. Rob currently serves on the Management Advisory Board at TowerBrook Capital Partners and is the chairman of two early-stage tech companies. Coaching is most effective when clients gain important insights about themselves and find immediate ways to put these insights into practice. Rob's coaching focuses on both aspects. He has two coaching passions. The first lies with helping senior teams to work at peak effectiveness while tackling it’s most challenging issues. Rob's aim is that everything he teaches continues to be used long after he's gone. The second is coaching executives of high growth start-ups with their transition into inspiring leaders.
One Sentence Introduction: Thanks to a 25-year career in business that spanned general management, entrepreneurship, private equity and strategy consulting, Rob’s coaching is rooted in a deep and practical understanding of the challenges of leading and building businesses.
Primary Focus: Corporate Leaders & Teams
Coaching Specialities: Teams, Leadership, Executive, Creativity, Career, Business
Professional & Life Experience: Speaker, Parent, Married, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Executive, Finance/Investment
ICF Membership Number: 9003876
Credential: PCC
Degrees & Certifications: MBA from Harvard business School, Engineering degree from Stanford University, Coaches Training Institute, Time to Think facilitator, Trained with Prof Chris Argyris, ICF PCC
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Company Profile: executive Coaching and Team Development are not just feel-good activities. When done properly, they can have a significant impact on your organization's performance. leadership is energized, courageous and effective. Managers are crystal clear about where the organization is going, why, and what their role is. Execution is smooth and seamless. Partners is experienced in one-to-one coaching at very high levels across Asia in both commercial and not-for-profit organisations. We are also expanding rapidly into working with high level (international) teams. In 2015 Rob started research for and writing his book The Big Ride. The concept, that people have their big aha moment about leadership when they are having a high curve in their experience, has been percolating in his mind since his own first big ride, way back in 1995. The book will give you more insight into the steepest part of your learning curve and how this Big Ride will greatly enhance your leadership capabilities; no matter whether you’re a first-time leader or an experienced CEO. For the book, 60 leaders around the world were interviewed, ranging in age from 30 to 75, across all sectors of industries. We asked them to identify the times in their life when their development as a leader was at its steepest. We then zoomed in to understand exactly what they were doing at that time, and how that made their learning experience so intense. After comparison of these experiences to identify the common elements, we found three that were clearly present in almost every case Uncharted Territory: When you take on a huge challenge that is fundamentally different than anything you have tackled before – and at the outset you have no clear idea of how to achieve your mission then you are forced to lead in a very different way. Autonomy: When you find yourself out on your own, with no one to fall back on, no one to tell you what to do, and no one to pick up the pieces if you screw up. You have the freedom to design and pursue your own approach to the problem, and the freedom to fail; Action Orientation: When you have to make lots of decisions on very limited information. When you have to move quickly, and inevitably you make plenty of mistakes, but things are changing so fast that no one mistake is fatal.