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Avril Klooster


Personal Profile: A bit about me: Originally from Ireland, I have lived in Singapore since 2012. I am married with a three-year-old daughter. I enjoy exploring different cultures, experiencing new perspectives and appreciate the richness they bring to my life. Creative expression, continued growth and learning are at my core. My coaching ethos is built around the cornerstone of connection. Connection to self. I believe that success and fulfillment in life is built upon a foundation of self-awareness, self-acceptance and a passion to explore life
Coaching Specialities: Career, Leadership, Life - Balance/Integration, Productivity, Relationship
Professional & Life Experience: , Manager/Team Lead, Trainer, Non-Profit, Parent, Married
Credential: ACC
Degrees & Certifications: Coaching: ACC, CPCC. Other:Gender Diversity Programme, Certificate, INSEAD, Maternal Mental Health, Certificate, Postpartum Support International, Public Relations, Diploma, Fitzwilliam Institute, Insurance; European Studies, BA, University of Limerick