Professional Research

ICF Core Competency and Coaching Models Recorded Demonstrations

In line with the vision to “Engage members and community for coaching awareness, excellence and advancement” and create professional dialogues to enhance the effectiveness of coaching, we have initiated an exciting project to create recorded coaching demonstrations of the ICF Core Competencies and Coaching Models. 

Each recorded session aims to focus on specific ICF Core Competencies.   The participants and observers then conduct a 3-way feedback of the session. 

With the permission of the participants, selected recordings will be transcribed and sent to a mentor coach or assessor to give their formal feedback. These will be made available on ICF Website for the purpose of creating awareness, excellence and advancement of the profession. 

Coaches, mentors, assessors and non-coaches are all invited to participate in the creation of this project, which involves meeting once every month to record a coaching session.  Participants receive a certificate with 3 CCE Units, opportunity to learn, develop skills, contribute to the community and connect with others interested in coaching. 

There is a nominal charge for participation of $10 per session for ICF Members and $15 per session for ICF non-members.  Revenues will be used towards project expenses such as creating transcripts, editing videos etc.  To get involved, please contact Avni Martin.

Please do login to members portal first and click on the video below to stream video