Singapore Chapter ExCo Election 2023

Election Process for ExCo 2023


ExCo Application Process

  1. All ICF Singapore members are eligible to apply
  2. Applicant to submit interest to ambassadors [at]
  3. Application package (online application, nomination form) will be sent to those interested
  4. All applicants will be interviewed virtually by at least 2 nominating committee members
  5. All interviews will follow the same structure and questions to facilitate consistency and a fair basis for selection assessment


Overview of process & timelines


What Happens



Applications to be completed and submitted by the deadline. Late submissions will not be entertained.

31 Oct 2022


Nominations Committee (external to ExCo) will review and provide their recommendation of the final slate of candidates.

1 Nov - 25 Nov 2022


Online balloting opens for ICF Members

1 Dec 2022 - 4 Jan 2023


Results for final shortlisted candidates announced at the AGM. All candidates to be present.

16 Jan 2023


First ExCo 2023 Full Day Retreat. ALL Exco 2023 members to be present. Set your date aside to attend this.

28 Jan 2023


ExCo Role Requirements

Professional requirements

  • ICF Singapore Chapter member in good standing
  • Aligned with the Chapter Constitution and committed to upholding the values and the gold standards of the ICF
  • Have been involved in Coaching (30% of overall work) or the ICF Coaching community in any capacity actively
  • Committed to hold office and complete 2-year term
  • Committed to serving under an official capacity and demonstrates discipline in withholding self-promotion
  • Preferably, an ICF Credentialed Coach or has strong intention to obtain credential within the term

Personal attributes

  • Works with integrity, discipline and reliability. Maintains professional and ethical behaviours and practices at all times
  • Self-driven, enthusiastic, agile and resilient
  • Demonstrates positive work values, puts the larger interest before self and works collaboratively to make things happen
  • Able to manage ambiguity, resourceful and enjoys generating ideas/solutions
  • Effective and warm communicator. Able to inspire others towards a common vision and purpose
  • Ready to step up as a community LEADER and serve as a TEAM PLAYER


Roles and responsibilities for available positions on Executive Committee (Exco), 2023.


  1. Director of Membership Engagement


Main Responsibility:

Leads the building of an engaged, vibrant, learning ICF community that aspires toward the ICF’s #goldstandard.

Duties include:

  • Leads creation and execution of engagement initiatives that are in-line with the goals of ICF members and coaches
  • Leads working teams that execute various member/coaches initiatives
  • Manages all touchpoint to ensure a meaningful and satisfying member experience
  • Manages the overall membership base by upholding the latest accurate membership data and responding in a timely manner to member’s needs
  • Manages the outreach to and induction of new members and host bi-monthly new member orientations
  • Manages key campaigns such as Membership Renewal
  • Stays ‘on the ground’ and in-tune-with and responding to the interests of the various member/coach audiences.


  1. Director of Partnerships


Main Responsibility:

Leads the development of value-added partnerships with parties external to the ICF Singapore Chapter community that contributes to the growth of ICF Singapore members

Duties include:

  • Leads outreach teams that work across the various segments
  • Leads outreach strategizing, planning and team resourcing
  • Develops win-win relationships with strategic partners such as corporates, NGOs, associations, schools, not-for-profit organisations to experience coaching through Coaches for Community (C4C)
  • Develops relevant partnership documents such as MOUs, event and execution plans
  • Develops ways to track and measure the growth and success of partnership efforts
  • Develops and delivers that #goldstandard experience with stakeholders and partner communities
  • Engages partner organization to create new opportunities and value-added initiatives with our member coaches
  • Engages and inspires audiences through announcements and partnership success via online platforms and media


  1. Director of Professional Development


Main Responsibility:

Executes ICF Singapore Chapter events aligning with the priorities of the chapter while creating positive engagement. Works closely with the Director of Memberships.

Duties include:

  • Sources for high caliber speakers who possess specific subject matter expertise and are able to bring learning value to the participants through webinars or in-person events. Ensure that the topic and mode of delivery is appropriated and effective.
  • Plans, coordinates and executes the event, either directly or provide guidance to delegated resources
  • Supports the communication, relations and practicalities with speakers
  • Follows up on administrative requirements e.g. Speaker’s Application Form and ensure governance and adherence to principles
  • Sources and manages relevant resources e.g. fellow ExCo leaders and volunteers
  • Coordinates with Marketing & Communications to market the events on both online and offline platforms
  • Publishes event information of ICF Singapore website
  • Manages related event queries from both members and non-members
  • Submits and follows through on CCEU application to ICF headquarters
  • Supports event registration and follow up activities e.g. increase publicity to drive awareness, registration or close registration to avoid over subscription
  • Manages post event follow up including event feedback form and CCEU issuance
  • Oversees the setting up and development of Community of Practice (CP).
  • Works closely with Community of Practice (CP) leads on the registration, delivery and issuance of CCEU after each monthly meeting.


4. Treasurer [Office Bearer]

Main Responsibility:

Manages ICF Singapore Chapter finances through impeccable book-keeping.

Duties include:

  • Serves as financial officer of ICF Singapore Chapter
  • Reconciles bank accounts and produces financial statements, which are shared at ExCo meetings
  • Ensures tax-related documents and legal forms are filed on time, such as the documents required to maintain the organization’s tax-exempt status 
  • Manages the ExCo’s review of and action on its financial responsibilities 
  • Prepares the annual budget and presents it to the ExCo for approval 
  • Reviews the annual audit and answers ExCo members’ questions
  • Works with Secretary to update Registry of Society's website and submit Audited Financial Reports
  • Prepares a resolution to update the bank on the new signatories
  • Uploads monthly bank statements and PayPal statements to Xero accounting software
  • Files financial report to ICF headquarters


If you are interested in any of the above positions then Apply Now using the following link