Volunteering with ICF

The ICF Singapore chapter is recognised as a leading ICF chapter in the world. Positions on the Executive Committee are now open to individuals who are keen to join the A-TEAM. We are looking for leaders and powerhouses in their own right to work together to bring this chapter further and beyond to new heights. 

This is a rare leadership opportunity, one that requires you to lead by attraction. You will be working with already-successful individuals and coaches. There will be growth opportunities and exposure available through your work on the ExCo. What starts off as an ambiguous journey will finish with a clear vision of how you have transformed. It is intense, it is challenging, it is rewarding… and it can be fun! Surprising friendships and alliances are formed in the process. Are you ready to step up?


To find out more and apply your interest for these positions, click on the link at the bottom.


#1 - Secretary

Main Responsibility: Ensuring efficient running of the ICF Singapore Chapter through impeccable record-keeping (except finances of the ICF Chapter)


#2 - Director of Communication & Marketing

Main Responsibility:

Position and reinforce ICF and its members/credentialed coaches as the #goldstandard in professional coaching

#3 - Director of Partnerships

Main Responsibility:

Lead the development of value-added partnerships with parties external to the ICF community that contribute to the growth of the ICF coach community

#4 - Director of Member Engagement

Main Responsibility:

Lead the building of an engaged, vibrant, learning ICF community that aspires toward the ICF’s #goldstandard

#5 - Director of Ambassador

Main Responsibility:

Lead the management of ICF volunteer & project chair programs that will create a vibrant community where chapter members play a vital role in the co-creation of initiatives and are highly involved in contributing and building of the ICF purpose and mission. 

>> To find out about each role in detail, and to apply your interest in these roles, please click on this link: https://forms.gle/Bj1PGcPZUbdiVxb6A

Minimum requirements across all EXCO roles

  • ICF Singapore Chapter member in good standing

  • ICF Credentialed Coach (ACC/PCC/MCC) or will obtain credential within 2021

  • Aligned with the Chapter Constitution and Roles & Responsibilities (stated under each Job Title)
  • Have been involved in Coaching or the ICF Coaching community in any capacity actively over the last 2 years

  • Committed to hold office and complete 2-year term until the next election
  • Committed to upholding the values and the #goldstandard of the ICF
  • Committed to serving under an official capacity and demonstrates discipline in withholding self-promotion
  • Self-driven, enthusiastic and resilient to challenging conditions
  • Works with integrity and reliability
  • Ready to step up as a community LEADER who can
    • balance between organising people/tasks and dealing with ambiguity 

    • maintain professional and ethical behaviours and practices

    • demonstrate positive work values like integrity, discipline, standards
    • guide and inspire others to contribute toward a common vision
  • Ready to serve as a TEAM PLAYER
    • Pro-active - Has a ‘lean-in’ attitude to things, demonstrating concern and collaboration with fellow EXCO peers, willingness to bend together to make things happen through ideas, solutions and actual work that needs to be done

    • Resourceful - Open to coming up with creative ideas, tapping into networks, finding ways to make things happen

    • Caring - Cares about and keen to work hard and enjoy the journey with fellow peers


>> To find out about each role in detail, and to apply your interest in these roles, please click on this link: https://forms.gle/Bj1PGcPZUbdiVxb6A

If you have questions, difficulties or feedback, contact ambassadors@icfsingapore.org