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Alice Vuibert



Personal Profile: Alice supports senior executives to increase their capacity for long term excellence and performance. She received her coach training from New Ventures West, one of the oldest and most recognized ICF accredited Professional Coaching Courses which attend to the individuality of the person as well as the social context in which he/she is always embedded. Believing that everyone is naturally creative, resourceful and whole, Alice uses the developmental coaching framework to help her clients build up their competence to better face their life circumstances, in and out of their workplace. Through various custom-designed practices and coaching conversations that aim to challenge their world views, her clients will have developed an increased capacity for long term excellence and an awareness that will support their ability to self- correct and self-generate in their everyday life.
One Sentence Introduction: Fulfilment is a deeply felt experience that what we are doing, how we are living and who we are becoming is meaningful and worthwhile.
Primary Focus: Career Growth & Transition
Coaching Specialities: Life - Balance/Integration, Leadership, Executive
Professional & Life Experience: Parent, Married, Executive, Entrepreneur
Credential: ACC
Degrees & Certifications: Bsc, Finance; law, ESCP Europe business School New Ventures West
Email Address: alice [at]