Membership Benefits

We strive to make membership of the ICF one of value so you actively want to participate as a member and advocate joining to other coaches. 


Global ICF membership brings benefits across the four areas of business development; lifelong learning and professional development, global and local connections and research.  For more detail, visit the Member Benefits page on the Global ICF website here



As a member of the ICF Singapore Chapter, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy.

  • Free Events and webinars
  • Library of recorded events
  • Bi-Weekly Newsletter
  • 7+ community of Practice workshops
  • Find a coach profile
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Pro-Bono coaching through the C4C program
  • Professional Indemnity insurance offer
  • Reciprocal peer coaching
  • Networking opportunities;


When you sign up as an ICF member, there are no additional fees to join the Singapore chapter so you can benefit from our extensive list of benefits and opportunities 


For non-ICF Singapore members, you can still enjoy our online events at a low cost. See our events page here to sign up.


As an ICF Global member, you will also receive exclusive offers and discounts on goods, services, and assessments. You can learn more by visiting 


For more information please download the attached Member Benefit Guide