Coaches For Community

Coaches For Community


The Coaches for Community (C4C) initiative was started to serve the larger communities by bringing an awareness of coaching to non-profit organizations and charities. We engage our members with ICF credentials with opportunities to give back to the community.

We are working with various non-profit organisations and partner with key stakeholders from these sectors. 

Main focus:

  1. Create awareness and understanding of coaching among the non-profit sector leaders.

  2. Engage our members with opportunities to serve the community.

  3. Facilitate pro-bono coaching projects.

Characteristics and criteria of a C4C Coach:

  • Being open and willing to work with the clients and the non-profit organisations, respecting their differences and constraints.

  • Be able to commit to the project from the beginning to the end, especially during the kick-off sessions that are mandatory to attend.

  • Being helpful to the clients and their organisations. Many of the clients are not familiar with the framework and coaching process, and thus may not know what to expect out of the sessions.

  • Be open to a change of schedule. Have an understanding and discussion with the client on how to work around such situations where needed. Be creative and understanding.

  • Be a current member with ICF credential with an updated coach profile, which we will guide you to prepare for it.