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Isabel Scherer

Keystone business Consulting


Personal Profile: Experience & Expertise: Coaching & Training, business Optimization, Sales & Marketing. I am a trusted experienced leader who has the ability to determine what goals and strategies are achievable; and have the drive to help you make those changes to attain that goal. I have a lot of enthusiasm and passion which brings out the best in those around me and in turn I am able to motivate your teams to uphold day-to-day operational and strategically standards. Through my observation of a situation I can provide the right training and coaching; whereby I am able to help clients stretch beyond their perceived limits and support them to achieve their business goals by utilizing their full hr and personnel potential. I believe that by creating a professional environment, employees from different demographic backgrounds feel included and empowered to learn. I am able to help develop innovative ideas to contribute to the overall business success. By providing guidance, I can help point the team in the right direction and provide support to the employees, who are the experts on their ground. 25 years of practical work experience in different retail business departments and management positions, for which I have a proven track record and where I have achieved much success, have provided me with a multifaceted background. With my strong leadership qualities, organizational skills and meticulous analytical capabilities, I am able to increase productivity & profitability by exceeding the company's targeted sales goals.
One Sentence Introduction: I may not be able to change the World; but at least I will make a positive impact to the heart of your organization's competitive strategy!
Primary Focus: Corporate Leaders & Teams
Coaching Specialities: Life - Balance/Integration, Productivity, Relationship, Leadership, Executive, Conflict Resolution, , Change Management, Career, Business
Professional & Life Experience: Trainer, Manager/Team Lead, Parent, Speaker, Sustainability, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Executive, Fitness/Nutrition, HR
ICF Membership Number: 9064143
Degrees & Certifications: Professional Coach Training - Accredited Coach Training International Coach Federation - executive Coach International - ORSC (relationship Systems-based training) - University of Wolverhampton - Master of business Administration, MBA & Marketing Management, Accounting and Financial Management, Managing Human Resource, Operation Management, Leading Transforming & Change, Strategic Management, Analysis; Research Dissertation: Strategies for Acquisition and Retention of executive, Graduate Sales Director (Swiss final degree certification) Eidg. Dipl. Verkaufsleiter;Graduate Sales & Marketing Manager, European Marketing Confederation, Qualification professional Accreditation;Trade Diploma, School of business & Management;Graduate medical Masseur, accredited the Swiss medical register (EMR)
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Company Profile: Our work is always evolving to respond to industry trends and management focus, and we combine our deep technical and personal skills in response to your changing needs. Over time, what we do remains closely linked with helping you improve the way you operate; assist with Government proceedings; innovate and grow; reduce costs; manage risks; leverage talent; and change the way you do business. We help entrepreneurs and corporate executives to develop new skills to work more effectively through tools and techniques including one-to-one training, facilitating, counselling and networking. Our aim is to provide coaching and give our clients accurate feedback about what to keep doing, start doing and stop doing which is the first step to improving personal effectiveness.